Cucumber Seedlings CompressedCrops and varieties

We offer the following varieties for sale in 2018:


Raised in 2" soil blocks.  Cost is $2.50 each.
Basil - Genovese*.  Vigorous and easy to grow.
Cilantro - Santo.
Dill - Fernleaf.  Short, dwarf plant with abundant leaves.
Parsley - Giant of Italy.  Large, flat leaves on vigorous plants.


Raised in 4" soil blocks.  Cost is $4.00 each.
Cucumber - Diva.  Long, dark green slicing cucumber.
Eggplant - Calliope*.  Oval eggplant, 2-4” long, variegated purple and white skin.
Eggplant - Galine.  Large glossy black Italian type eggplant.
Pepper - Red Knight.  Large bell pepper, turns from green to red as it ripens.
Pepper - Bianca*.  Medium size bell peppers which begin white and turn pink-orange as they ripen.  Excellent mild flavor when picked white.
Pepper - Carmen*.  High yielding, long Italian type pepper.  Sweet and flavorful when red.  
Pepper - Jedi.  Very hot Jalapeno pepper.
Pepper - Highlander.  Mildly hot Anaheim pepper, 7-8” long.
Pumpkin - Baby Bear.  Small pumpkin, approximately 2 lbs each.  Multi-purpose: Jack-o-lanterns, pie filling, roasted seeds.
- Racer.  Large pumpkins, about 15 lbs each.  Good for Halloween decorations, not so good for eating. 
Squash, Summer - Sunburst.  Yellow patty pan (scallop) type summer squash.
Squash, Summer - Tigress*.  Zucchini.  Reliable, high yielding, resistant to many diseases.
Squash, Winter - Jester.  Cylindrical shape; skin is ivory to cream colored with dark green stripes; flesh is yellow and very sweet after being stored for several weeks.
Squash, Winter - Tiptop*.  Vigorous, reliable Acorn squash with good flavor.
Tomato - Brandywine.  Large pinkish red heirloom.  Legendary for taste, but yields are low and fruits crack easily.
Tomato - Estiva*.  Basic, medium sized, red tomato. Very high yields of unblemished fruit. Flavor pleasant but inferior to other varieties listed here.
- Granadero.  Red Roma-type paste tomato.
Tomato - Martha Washington*.  Medium-large sized, pink-red, good flavor and high yields.
- Nepal.  Medium-large red slicer with very good flavor and moderate yields over a long season.
Tomato - Pruden's Purple.  Large pink-red heirloom with excellent flavor.  Moderate yields.
Tomato - Striped German.  Large, yellow-red striped heirloom.  Superb texture and flavor.  Low yields and many cracked fruits.
Tomato - Sun Gold.  High yielding, fantastically sweet, orange-red cherry tomato.
Tomato - Yellow Mini*.  Large yellow cherry tomato with excellent sweet, complex flavor.

*Denotes a variety which we expect to distribute to our CSA farm members in 2018

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