We are selling the following tools and equipment from our farm.  Please contact Chris (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 608-726-2550) if you have any questions or if you would like to buy or look at any of these items.

Plastic Mulch Lifter, Nolts Model LIF500 $1,200 - SOLD

5' 6" Working width Unverferth Perfecta II Field Cultivator $2,400 - SOLD

Rhino RHD74 3 point Cat. I flail mower $1,500 - SOLD

Maschio RT73 3 point Cat. I Rototiller $1,500 - SOLD

12' x 44' Greenhouse Kit.  $600 plus you will need to supply some additional parts - see below.

12' wide quonset style greenhouse.  3' high sidewall, ~7' high at peak.  4' arch spacing.  Page 37 in Nolt's Midwest Produce Supplies Catalog.  Arches are 1.315" 16 ga galvanized pipe, ground stakes are 1.66" 14 ga.  Basic, economical and durable.  We have disassembled the greenhouse and it is ready to go.  We will sell the following parts as a kit, some are used and some new:

12 arches, used: two end arches already have wigl wire channel attached
72" ground stakes - selling 13 used; buyer needs to supply 11 more
1.315" galvanized pipe, used, ~180' total - enough for ridge purlin and two rollup sides plus 4 windbraces in corners
Pipe straps - 40 new or used, for attaching baseboards and hipboards to 1.66" pipe,
Pipe straps, 14, new or used 1.315" size for attaching end of purlins to end arches and for attaching wind braces to ground stakes
Cross connectors 1-3/8 x 1-3/8, used, 30
40 Snap clamps for attaching rollup plastic to pipe, new
90' wiglwire channel, used - enough for two hipboards. The two end arches come with wiglewire channel attached
WiglWire, more than 150', used - enough for two hipboards plus end arches
4 1" PVC ells and pieces of 1" PVC pipe to make rollup cranks
8 End wall brackets for attaching 2x4 or 4x4 lumber in end walls to end arches
Aluminum rope hooks, bag of 25, new - use for rollup side batten rope
Eye bolts, 20, 5/16"x3", new or usedm for attaching batten rope to baseboard.
1-1/2"x1/4" galvanized lag screws, 100, new for attaching pipe straps to baseboard and hipboard.
25 2"x5/16" galvanized hex bolts and nuts, new, for attaching arch to ground stakes.
Tek screws #12x1", new - large handful.
Tek screws #12x1.5", 100, new - for attaching wiglwire channel to hipboard and baseboard.

Buyer will need to purchase the following additional items:

24' wide greenhouse plastic.  We can supply 6 mil 24'x100' plastic from Nolts at cost, for additional $220
11 ground stakes.  We can supply from Nolts at cost, for additional $150.
1/4" rope (~150') for rollup battens - available locally
Lumber for hipboards, baseboards, (176' of 2x6 or 2x8 will suffice for hipboards and baseboards) plus lumber and doors for endwalls

We can talk you through the construction process.

Ferguson Disc harrow, Cat. I 3 point, 7' working width - SOLD

Hatfield Transplanter model 2.0 - SOLD

BroadforkBroadfork $140

Use for deep tillage.  5 tine 18" wide model.  Basic high quality broadfork from Valley Oak, well-established U.S. manufacturer.  Excellent condition.

Bed Prep RakeBed Preparation Rake $65

Excellent condition.  Johnny's Selected Seeds item 9219: Very light weight for easy use.  29" wide aluminum head has twenty 4" curved teeth. 6' oiled handle for long reach. Comes with 6 row markers (Johnny's Selected Seeds item 9867)

Long handled wire weeder headLong Handled Wire Weeder $30

Johnny's Selected Seeds item 9374.  Long handled ergonomic hoe for precise shallow weeding around crops and under crop canopies.

Collinear hoe headCollinear Hoe $30

Johnny's Selected Seeds item 9587.  Long handled ergonomic hoe with replaceable blade.  For shallow hoeing close to crop.  Elliot Coleman favorite.  A little rust but in very good condition.

DripTapeConnectorDrip to Flattube connectors $20 for all

Over 100 used connectors for attaching drip tape to flattube header line.  .40" barb.

HedgeTrimmerCordless Electric Hedge Trimmer $45

NHT518-1 Black & Decker 18-Volt 22 Inch Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer.  Comes with battery and charger.  Almost new condition.

Garden ScootGarden Scoot $45

Sit, work, and scoot along in your garden or shop.  Seat swivels 360 degree.  Adjustable seat height.  Front wheels steer using black knob.  Barely used.  A bit dusty but in excellent condition.

Plant HooksPlant Hooks $25 for all

Heavy duty S-hook extension hangers.  Hooks fits over 1-3/8" galvanized pipe for trellising or hanging baskets in the hoophouse or greenhouse.  100 each of three sizes: 12", 18", 24".  Some are new and some are used with a little dead plant residue attached to them.  Nolts Midwest Produce Supply items S12, S18, S24.