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Community Supported Agriculture: Know Your Farmers


  • Members and prospective members are welcome to schedule a visit to our farm. 
  • You can choose to work alongside us and participate firsthand in raising the food for your table. 
  • Our weekly newsletters tell you the story behind your food and involve you with the joys and challenges of farming.

We listen to our members!

We've crafted our offerings around your suggestions.  We've surveyed members every year since we started our CSA in 2005.  In response to member feedback, we've adjusted what we grow, our box sizes, our delivery season, and our delivery locations.

Benefits of CSA

Your food dollar goes directly to support your farmers, which benefits the local economy. You provide us with a guaranteed market and you allow us to practice environmentally friendly methods; offer humane, safe work to employees; and experiment with new varieties and better techniques. Community supported agriculture nourishes eaters with healthful, delicious produce; provides a livelihood for farmers; preserves the land; and enriches our bodies and souls.

Shared Risk

Farm members share in the risks of farming.  You may receive more or less produce because of weather, pests, and diseases.  We are skilled, experienced growers and we strive to protect you from these vagaries and provide you with abundant, diverse food.  We schedule our plantings carefully, plant extra of each crop, irrigate during drought, and constantly evaluate and adopt new practices to protect our crops from nature's extremes.   We've provided a generous variety of produce in every one of our boxes since we started our CSA in 2005, even during extreme weather such as the historic drought of 2012.  We stand without reservation behind the quality of our produce and our skill as growers.

Our members say: "If you ever find people from our area who would like a testimonial, please give them our name. We would be happy to share our great experience!! … I tell everyone who will listen about Two Onion Farm and what a wonderful job you do … We've been with you for three years and can’t imagine buying elsewhere. We love your veggies.  They are always fresh & delicious & gorgeous enough to use in an ad campaign! … You have been treasures to us. Your wonderfully fresh vegetables and helpful recipes made our meals so much more appealing.  Thank you for extending yourselves above and beyond the call of duty … You are a dream come true for us! … What you provided was great – the quality of your vegetables speaks for your operation.  I am still swooning … My friends were jealous … Thanks for the reminder of how good food can still be … Supremely wonderful … Nourishment for body and soul … You do your magic."

OptionsOur ProduceSample BoxesDeliveriesPayment Plans • Why CSA? • EnrollMember Workers

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