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Payment PlansPrices

Single payment: Pay your entire fee when you enroll.
Two payments: Pay half when you enroll, and half on August 1.
Five payments: Pay one-fifth when you enroll, and the remaining four installments on June 1, July 1, August 1, and September 1.

Health Insurance Rebates

Several health insurance companies, including Physician's Plus, Unity Health, Group Health Cooperative, and Dean Health, provide their health plan members with a rebate towards the cost of a CSA membership.  You pay us the full membership cost and then apply separately to your insurance provider for the rebate.  Read instructions on how to apply for your rebate


Member Workers

Members who work on the farm receive a $25 rebate for each shift worked.  Read more about our member worker program.

Financial Assistance

Low income households can apply for financial assistance towards the cost of a Two Onion Farm membership through Fairshare CSA Coalition's Partner Shares Program.  Fairshare can also help Wisconsin residents to use a QUEST card to pay for their farm membership.  Read more about the Partner Shares Program.


We encourage our members to donate to Fairshare's Partner Shares Program when they enroll with us.  Donations help low income families enjoy a CSA membership.  Read more about donating to FairshareDonations are tax deductible.

Two Onion Farm also partners with the Dubuque Rescue Mission to provide nutritious organic produce to the needy in our region.  If you donate money to the Mission when you enroll as a member of our farm, the Mission will use your donation towards purchasing several farm memberships from us.  The Mission will then serve this produce to the hungry.  The Mission can provide a receipt for your donation.

OptionsOur ProduceSample BoxesDeliveries • Payment Plans • Why CSA? • EnrollMember Workers

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