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We offer three box sizes:LettuceCompressed

Standard: Our most popular box size.  Typically 8-12 vegetables per delivery.  Suited for families with children and for one or two person households which eat lots of veggies.

Large:  Same number of vegetables each week as the standard box, but portions are one and half times to twice as large.  Suited for a family which eats lots of vegetables, or for two households which are splitting a box. 

Mini: Only 5-8 vegetables per week, in small portions (only half to two-thirds the portions in a standard box).  Best for a one person household, or two people who don't eat many vegetables.

Delivery frequency:

All three of our box sizes are available weekly or biweekly (every other week)

Which frequency and box size are best for you?


Look at pictures of boxes we've delivered in the past.  If you are debating between two of these options, we encourage you to choose the smaller one!  We'd prefer that you were pleased with a small amount of produce rather than overwhelmed by a large amount.  If needed, we can usually allow members to upgrade to a larger box size or from biweekly to weekly deliveries during the season.  Please call or email us if you'd like help choosing the best option for you.

We offer three delivery seasons:

Full season: June 17 - November 3 (20 weeks).  Our complete season, which includes both of the shorter seasons below.  We've filled our available full season memberships for 2018.
Summer: June 17 – September 8 (12 weeks).   A popular option for new members who'd like to try out a short season of CSA.  We've filled our available summer season memberships for 2018.
Autumn: September 9 - November 3 (8 weeks).  A good choice for students or for those who vacation in the summer or have their own large summer garden. 

(See which vegetables you can expect to receive in each season.


Full season and autumn members can opt to receive apples with their vegetables.  We expect to deliver apples for the last 10 weeks of the season, and we expect to include approximately these portion of apples each week: Large boxes - 4 lbs., Standard boxes - 2.5 lbs., Mini boxes - 1 lb. 

AB AS crop compApples-Only Option

You can choose to receive apples only (no vegetables).   You will receive the apples during our autumn delivery season (Sept 9 to Nov 3), with approximately 4 lbs per delivery.  You can choose between weekly deliveries (for 8 weeks) or biweekly (for 4 weeks).

Applesauce and Apple Butter

You can receive Juli's Organic Applesauce and Apple Butter with your CSA deliveries.   These are cooked from organic apples grown in our orchard and seasoned gently with spices.  We add no sugar.  Receive deliveries of applesauce and/or apple butter every four weeks during the delivery season, or try them with your first delivery and decide whether you'd like more.  You choose the number of jars to receive.  Apple butter costs $5.50/half pint jar, and applesauce costs $4.75/pint jar.

Options • Our ProduceSample BoxesDeliveriesPayment PlansWhy CSA? • EnrollMember Workers

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